Oedipus Rem - by Lynn Becker

Rem Koolhaas engages Mies van der Rohe at the crossroads of the IIT campus. (originally published in somewhat different form under the title "Of Mies and Rem" in the Chicago Reader, September 26, 2003)


I.    Introduction
II.   Mies van der Rohe and the Creation of a New Architecture on the
       IIT campus

III. About Rem Koolhaas
IV. Rem Koolhaas's IIT McCormick Tribune
       Campus Center

V.  An Interview with
       Rem Koolhaas
VI.  Photo Gallery



Approach to Student Center entrance from original campus to the West.

    Floorplan mat embedded in walkway.


Views of orange straw glass corridor. Slanted concrete column painted black supports the "L" tube.


Bridge over sunken central court, looking out over Mies courtyard

Views of central court. Left: looking toward southeast. Right: looking toward west, bridge to left, terraced seating to the back


Left: fireplace in University Club faculty lounge, beneath back of Founders Wall . Exterior orange strawglass wall of the Welcome Center can be seen beyond it.

Right: Lounge outside the bookstore along the south wall

Grand, chandeliered staircase leading down to auditoriums and ballroom. Exposed peach drywall above the doors evokes the spirit of Rothko.

Left : Bookstore; Right : copy room

Left : Meeting rooms. Middle : Office with blackboard wall surface. Right: Door with office number.

Two views of stainless-steel bulletin board, with round "IIT head" magnets to secure postings.

Mies courtyard

South wall of auditorium

Views of Mies van der Rohe's Commons Building undergoing restoration.


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