Frank Gehry's bandshell - in the making
 -by Lynn Becker

Construction photos of Frank Gehry's Jay Pritzker Pavilion.


July 2003



These structures for the stainless steel forms of Frank Gehry's Pritzker Pavilion were held in place by temporary steel columns (the vertical green columns you see here) during earlier stages of construction.

Frank Gehry's Pritzker Pavilion: Concrete supports - ultimately covered in stainless steel - for the trellis.

March 2004

Detail of mounting of steel trellis pipes on support.

April 2004

July 2004

From Michigan Avenue - Frank Gehry Pritzker Pavilion to the left; tent for Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate sculpture to the right.



Text and photographs © Copyright 2004 Lynn Becker All rights reserved.

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