Classicsm in Chicago's Loop
 -by Lynn Becker

A design competition for sidewalk receptacles comes up with some fresh, fun ideas for overcoming Chicago's apathy toward recycling.


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The 1989 Chase Plaza Building placed within the facade
of the 1912 Holabird & Roche Otis Building

Cobb & Frost's 1905 Northern Trust Bank
(the upper two floors are an 1928 addition.)



The Bobsey Twins of classicist Chicago architecture. The Gothic Tribune Tower to the left, the Spanish Renaissance
Wrigley Building to the right

Johnson & Burgee's 1987 190 S. LaSalle, based on
Burnham & Roots's 1892 Masonic Temple

Palazzo anyone? The W (former Midland) Hotel on Adams

Even older than classicists:
Sue the dinosaur in the great hall
of the Field Museum.







The illuminated tower, cuppolas and dome of the 1926 Jewelers Building (Thielbar & Fugard)


The monumental columns of the Canal Street arcade of Union Station



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