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Christmas in Chicago, 2009





 -by Lynn Becker

[December 24, 2009] - Scenes from a great city - Chicago during the Christmas season, 2009. And if you're still hungry for more, explore all the great photo essays and stories from previous years through the links to the right.



Belles of the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade, 2009Lion in Christmas Wreath by Yves Behar, Art Institute of Chicago, 2009
horse at Daley Plaza, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Christmas market, Daley Plaza, Chicago, 2009
Animal rights protest, Christmastime, Chicago, 2009
Christmas wreath at construction site on Southport, Chicago, 2009
Picasso and Christmas tree, Daley Plaza, Chicago, 2009
Wrigley Building, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Star, Christmas Tree, Macy's, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Pritzker Park and DePaul University, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Lincoln Park Zoo, Christmas, 2009
Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Victoria's Secret, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Burberry, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Barney's, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Garmin, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Garrett Popcorn Shop, off Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Christmas, 2009'
American Girl, Water Tower Place, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Toy trains, John Hancock Center, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Macy's, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Christmas Market, Daley Center, Christmas, 2009
Crate and Barrel, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
The Gap, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Sofitel Water Tower, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Water Tower, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
John Hancock Center, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, Christmas, 2009
Santa Claus, CTA Holiday Train, Chicago, Christmas, 2009

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