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Temperate Winestahl III - "Old Stinky" to his friends"- still has the first dollar he ever earned. It shares a frame in his office with a letter from his mother expressing regret at giving in so soon to his fetal demands for payment to curtail her highly unpleasant and prolonged labor.

That tenacity has served him well in his role as financial watchdog for CW&O. His 1989 decision to pay all new hires in Pooka beads timed perfectly to that December's collapse in Pooka futures, adding over a million dollars to the agency's bottom line. His skill at strip poker has reclaimed countless bi-monthly paychecks and exposed numerous unflattering tattoos. The innovation of purchasing large insurance policies on underperforming employees, and engineering mob hits shortly after termination may now be an industry-wide staple, but it was "Old Stinky" who first had the vision to "give it a shot".

Winestahl came to CW & O shortly after being acquitted of all charges stemming from  the 1984 collapse of AvarAce Financial.  Along with securities wunderkind and Veiling of Women crusader Charles Ardmore, he had built AvarAce into the Southwest's second largest bank, only to see it crumble under revelations of such financial irregularities as maintaining harems for key corporate officers, pouring $2.5 billion into the now-shuttered EuroTox Waste Dump theme park, and bankrolling Woody Allen movies.

With his folksy, sweaty charm, Winestahl was able to persuade a succession of juries that he had spent the decade in a sugar-induced haze stemming from his long standing addiction to marshmallow chickens  The now-famous interview in which he actually made Barbara Walters cry cemented his rehabilitation in the eyes of the public, and paved the way to his becoming the fiscal linchpin of
CW & O.

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