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" Our most essential assets walk out
aiithe door each night . . .

aaaai. . . and come crawling back on their knees the next day."

-Edward Welt     

An agency that has a dog as a founding partner is bound to have some unorthodox ideas about staffing.

Nepotism was an obvious early choice, until Crabtree's crazy brother Carl assembled an Account Management team composed entirely of Norwegian goatherds. The endemic butting of heads with clients that followed precipitated a swift change in strategy, but the commitment to an almost perversely diversified workforce remains.

Today, the people who make up CW&O are a microcosm of the wide world, if you except the fact that there aren't a lot of minorities, that former and eventually-to-be former substance abusers are somewhat overrepresented, and that employees reaching their forty-fifth birthday are blindfolded and shipped out on a bus to Miami.

CW&O is like a giant fish tank resplendent with the rainbow of colors of a tropical sea, energized by the motion of the great schools swimming in graceful waves as they devour anything smaller than themselves.

At CW&O, there are as many different types of people as there different types of consumers. Look in the halls or under the desks and you'll find: precocious children, University of Chicago graduates, obsessed
accountants, rappers, geeks, nerds, potheads, cokeheads, power freaks, trembling Junior AD's, copywriters with phlegm, Neil Stewart's mom
(who makes the great chocolate chips), the aspiring, the hopeful, the
burned-out, AE's with motorcyles too big for their bodies, planners with Lava Lamps, joggers, bungee-jumpers, reformed goatherds, buskers, mystics and mop-suckers - just like on your own block.

Neither youth, nor lack of education, nor bad sanitary habits are allowed
to be a barrier to joining the CW&O family. Click on any of the portraits
to the left to get better acquainted



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