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They were the Three Musketeers
of the Ad World:

Edward Crabtree, William Welt, and Omar, the Wonder Dog.

Crabtree and Welt teamed up after a 1957 split from J. Walter Thompson that found them being pelted with overripe vegetables left over from an unsuccessful new business pitch. (At the final presentation, a rough cut of the proposed campaign somehow came to be replaced with a print of "The Immoral Mr. Teas".)

Crabtree and Welt were proven quantities. Together, they had already created Maury the tough-talking, projectile vomiting rabbit, the character that almost overnight transferred Quell from an also-ran to the dominant national remedy for gastric eruption.

Omar, on the other hand, was a happy surprise, wandering into the new firm's offices on its first day of business, a dead possum he had found in the alley clinched firmly in his jaws. He soon proved himself indispensable in sniffing up new business, in chewing over a piece of copy until only its vital essence remained on the saliva-soaked page, in fertilizing a concept to its fullest blossom.

Crabtree retired in 1984, Welt got locked in the bathroom the following year, and by the time of his release six months later, had made up his mind to join a monastery in Upper Volta. Tragically, Omar ran off into the nearby Benzene Hollow Woods after being hit on the nose by a newspaper during a particularly acrimonious client review meeting, and has been missing ever since, save for the occasional sighting at the local Stuckey's.

By this time, however, a new leadership team was already in place, carrying the CW&O legacy forward to new challenges and groundless accusations from the FTC.

Disciplines such as Public Relations, Promotional Marketing, and Tarot Projection were soon added to the mix of services, making CW & O a true "One Stop Shopping" source for creating and sustaining brand equity.

And if the euphoria of the 80's saw CW & O on a sometimes ill-considered acquisitions binge that included everything from Strategic Research, Inc. to Ohio's largest tattoo parlor, C W & O's 1995 acquisition by Grupo Fritz created new international synergies.

Today, whether from a tony zip code or a outback bereft of valet parking, whether rich or poor, young or augmented, graham cracker or puff pastry - CW & O's messages envelop each citizen of the world like a warm, drippy blanket


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