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IV. Strategy and Results

It was clear from both testing and market analysis that Old Sally's was a product that had fallen into a demographic netherworld of user groups that had never before been claimed by any brand, service or cult religion.

CW&O isolated the key challenge as broadening the demographic base for a product most consumers found so repulsive that they were willing to pay to be deprogrammed to forget it.

After first ruling out simply pasting Lipton labels over the bottles and hoping for the best, the CW&O team hit upon a stategic masterstroke - taking Old Sally's back to its roots, to a more innocent time when even the air and water were toxic, potentially lethal products were commonplace, and there was nothing you or anyone else could do about it, and you just got on with your life.

Nostagia for this vanished world dovetailed perfectly with the environmental policies of the incoming Bush administration, and CW&O's landmark "¿Usted es Macho Suficiente? " campaign with Tonya Harding rode the transition with an innovative use of such non-traditional media as force-feedings of product samples, and ads placed on nickel bags of heroin.

Soon the explosion in the number of Emergency Room admissions confirmed CW&O's latest triumph: Old Sally's was back - bigger and better than ever.

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