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II. CW&O Enters The Picture

Plummeting sales, hostile press, and the constant parade of young executives bursting into their motel rooms at inopportune moments demanding that "something be done" finally convinced top management to act.

After a group excursion to the Betty Ford Clinic, the board signed with The Sheepskin Consultancy, one of the leading firms in the exploding field of responsibility avoidance.

Ironically, Crabtree, Omar and Welt was not even on The Sheepskin Consultancy's list of finalists.  But soon after
CW &O president spent a night sharing a cell in the Catapault County jail with Old Sally CEO Desireee Fauw, the agency quickly emerged as a dark horse contender.   (Amusingly enough , both men had been picked up trying to rendezvous with a sixteen year old exotic dancer they had been corresponding with over the Internet, who turned out to be Catapault County Desk Sergeant and WWF referee Norbert "Happy" Wachowski.)

Although a latecomer to the contest, CW&O leapt into the
fray with a stunning multimedia presentation that included
four banks of 64 HDTV monitors, 128 speakers in 360°
surround sound mode, vibrating body suits for each member
of the audience, and an emotional reunion of the entire cast
of "Saved By the Bell"

Chief CW&O strategist Connie Deep's analysis resounded authoritatively through 42 inch subwoofers: Old Sally's
wasn't just a beverage, it was a cultural institution and borderline hallucinogen. CW&O's campaign promised to reassert Old Sally's from something consumers no longer
even remembered they had forgotten to a vital essence that authenticated their very being.

The competitors were blown away, the consultants paid off,
and the clients rushed to sign on the dotted line before completely losing their hearing. A new chapter is begun.


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