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The Old Sally's Lightly-Silted Story


I. History of a Brand

"Old Sally's" Lightly Silted is a century old brand of
bottled drinking water that traces it origin to an agreement between a small wastewater treatment company and a local brewery looking to make use of a half dozen stills purchased
at a Sheriff's auction of confiscated property.

Prohibition wiped out the brewery business, taking the
beloved Slug beer brand with it.  But Old Sally's endured. 
It became as much a staple of mid-Southern subculture as  Lard O' Plenty pastries and Perry's Snout Crisps

By the Seventies, however, public taste continued to
evolve, and its pall spread to even the most regressive quadrants of the marketplace.  Health-consciousness
became all-pervasive, to an extreme where the very concept 
of a drinking water with a radioactive afterglow was viewed with suspicion.

The brand once had a strong advertising presence, probably best remembered for Lightly Frothing Sammi, the Old Sally's bat, but the mascot was retired after the great rabies outbreak of 1972.

Throughout the 40's, 50's and 60's, a succession of
memorable slogans each had their day:

Bold Earthy Taste, with a hint of what we hope you'll think is lemon

Now Sold in Mason Jars!

Got Your Grit Today?

By the late 1990's, however, cutbacks had decimated the ad
budget, and the spectacularly ill-advised slogan had become:

The New Old Sally's - Now with Less Intestinal Inflammation!

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