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We believe in America . . .

We believe Advertising is neither a business nor as an art, but a holistic mindburn.

We believe in cultural in-breeding.

We believe Rob Zombie is underutilized as an endorser.

We believe in our clients - if not as our family - then at least as our goldfish.

We believe plagarism is too harsh a word.

We believe someone's stealing sugar packets from our desk, but we can't actually prove it.

We believe the Three Second Spot is the wave of the future.

We believe every problem finds its roots in failed communication; and every solution in an idea clear enough to not really be understood.

We believe in granular media, with self-congealing reach.

We believe medical disclaimers should avoid the phrase, "a lingering, painful death."

We believe no one ever stands so tall as when reaching down to the lowest common denominator.

We believe in Kabel.

We believe great advertising comes from following a few simple rules:

  • All Copy must use the letter "s" more frequently
    than "t".
  • Every ad must contain a hidden image of Elvis.
  • The intelligence of the consumer should never be insulted . . .just ignored.

Above all else, we believe in THE AURA.



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