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Beyond the Brand

Tradition-bound agencies concentrate on "The Brand", and on building "Brand Equity".  Outdated concepts for a less troubled time.  In a world where every consumer is bombarded with thousands of messages every day, we believe that nothing less than taking physical possession of the consumer is required. 

How?  Begin with an in-house panel of the most honored Witch Doctors of our time.  Mix in subliminal suggestion, hypnosis, and bacterial infestation, and you come up with what we here at CW & O have come to call "The Aura".

Gateway to the Consumer's Id

"The Aura" draws the consumer to the brand.  It possesses the consumer's body, invades his or her psyche.  It propels them from their domicile.  It heat-seeks them to the retailer, down the aisles, and past the lady with the toasted wienie samples.  It sucks the consumer to the shelf, takes control of the consumer hand, and literally curls the consumer grip almost arthritically round the package. 

"The Aura" is unyielding.  It will not allow the consumer to relax
that grip until the moment when the product is dropped into the
cart - if the consumer is a shopper - or concealed in a bag,
pocket, or under a sweater - if the consumer is Winona Ryder.


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